To sit with ourselves, our discomforts, our shadows, our light, our pain, our breath… of great value. To be able to show up and do the work of dismantling racism and injustice in the public realm we must have worked with ourSelves, there is a connection and balance between the inner and the outer work. We cannot know how to question others, how to support others, how to work with others until we have questioned, supported and worked with ourSelves in regards to our own racism and our own experiences. Our practices require us to sit in the discomfort, to stay there, to notice how our breath can support us in moving through the difficult emotions, to notice how our nervous system reacts. The practices we share at Lakshmi Living Arts are meant to guide us, to support us, to foster our self-love, to ground us in being able to show up and do the work that we are called to do…continue reading here.

Welcome to our Universal Course Offerings

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We’ll connect via Zoom, see links below each offering!

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  1. Our classes will be held using Zoom.
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  3. Be ready to join 5 minutes before start time, to make sure that everything is working, thank you for your patience around any technical difficulties.
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Weekly Offerings

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle: A Book Study, Contemplation and Practice Group

Facilitated by Amy Abelson with Roberta Norman and Tom Prisloe. Thursdays 7-8:15pm through July 9 and resuming August 6. For more info and link to participate follow this link.