Vision and Story


Lakshmi is more than a name, it is a celebration of a new time…a time when we remember our power as individuals to create and manifest a world that is vibrant with beauty, health, wealth and love. In classical Indian traditions, Lakshmi is considered the goddess of spiritual and material health, wealth and happiness. In the Tantric traditions, she is also considered the goddess of manifestation.

We believe that as human beings, we are creative and powerful and are in fact, constantly creating and manifesting our realities. Our work at Lakshmi is to become clear and intentional about what we truly want to create and learn how to manifest that. When we create what truly matters to us (from the heart) rather than what we think we “should” create, we heal ourselves, experience more beauty, and fully enjoy our lives. We envision this heart centered path not only as a means to heal ourselves, but also to heal our planet and strengthen the bond of our global community.

At Lakshmi, we teach practices drawn from traditional yoga alongside contemporary techniques such as visualization, affirmation and self-inquiry so that our students can master the art of being full participants in their lives.

Our advanced learning curriculum consists of three major components; Immersions, Teacher Training and the Living Arts Intensive (the practical application of yoga in daily life).

Whether interest lies in learning more intensively about how to do, teach or understand yoga, students will emerge from our programs with greater self-knowledge and more importantly, how to use that knowledge to manifest a more satisfying and meaningful life.

Have you been calling for Lakshmi?

Here are some questions for contemplation to give you a start on your own quest:

  • What do I truly love?
  • What matters to me?
  • What would it look like if I could do the things I really wanted to do rather than what I think I should do?
  • What would I do if I completely trusted myself?
  • How do I listen, develop and trust my intuition?
  • What is my full potential?