Lakshmi Wheel of the Year

Embody and navigate ancient memories in modern times…


Ritual invokes the sacred, restores balance, and ignites our innermost wisdom embarking on the soul’s journey to inner harmony, wholeness and purpose. Through ritual, we are able to amplify and activate healing & positive change into the world. Beginning with 2018 Autumn Equinox, Lakshmi is celebrating each Solar and Fire holy day.

Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a journal and we’ll update with more info/times closer to each day.
Next Holiday is Imbolc, Feb. 1, we’ll celebrate this Saturday Feb. 2 with class at 9am with Denise followed by gathering and sharing food. We’ll gather for Spring Equinox Wednesday March 20 6-8pm

Samhein: Wed. 10/31 6-8pm, by donation – Samhein in many cultures is considered the beginning of the year.  Honoring our ancestors when the veil is thin, learn to receive guidance and insight from those who have gone before us and setting heart and mind to the upcoming year. Take a breath, go in and honor the potency of the dark part of the year.

Winter Solstice: Sat. 12/22 3-5pm – full moon – Winter Solstice is one of the most powerful times to go inward and connect to the teachings and to the Self.

The sun stands still for 3 days. The Wheel stops and starts again. The sun is reborn. From Samhein to Winter Solstice, the season has been deepening into the cave of silence and the stillness that is winter. The life force energy of nature has retreated into the womb of the earth herself, fertilizing the seeds of last years harvest. At the Winter Solstice, we experience both the return of the sun and the renewal of the dreams that have been sleeping in our bellies.

Join Anne, Julie, Lissa and Denise for a walking fire / drumming meditation and indoor drumming and guided meditation for rebirth, renewal and rejoicing.

Imbolc:Fri. 2/1

Imbolc is a sacred time to spend with Self. Take the time to silently welcome this gateway of time  halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.
Imbolc is the time to nurture the newness of our dreams by holding them close.  Light a candle, light a fire and renew your visions and dreams while they are beginning to awaken. 

Spring Equinox: Wednesday 3/20 6pm – Welcoming Spring events at Lakshmi, more info coming!

Beltane: Wed. 5/1 – Honoring this sacred day with ancient ceremony that applies to our daily lives.

Summer Solstice: Fri. 6/21 – Summer Solstice is another one of the most powerful times for celebrating with ceremony.

This practice will be a teaching on ritual, why we do them,  how to invoke the sacred by calling and honoring directions, attuning to the earth’s rhythms for balance, and igniting our innermost wisdom to embark on our own soul’s journey.
Lughnasadh: Fri. 8/1 – A holy celebration.