Anusara Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training

At Lakshmi with E-RYT 500 Certified Anusara yoga teachers
Denise Hatch and Amy Abelson

Our Program prepares teachers to work with a wide range of students because at Lakshmi we believe the practices and teachings of yoga can change the way our human family lives on this Earth. We offer this course as a foundation for all seekers who wish to be agents of change not only in a yoga studio, but in our families, the workforce and greater community. If you are committed to a path of self healing and discovery and wish to share your gifts, we invite you to join us.

This teacher training is broken into 2 parts, Immersion and Practicum.  Part 1, the Immersion, is open to all students and recommended for those who wish to deepen their understanding and practice of yoga- you do not need to be a teacher or wish to go on to teacher training to take this course.  Part 2, Practicum, is dedicated to learning and practicing teaching techniques.


Part 1: Immersion (100 hrs)

The Anusara yoga Immersion is open to ALL students and teachers of yoga and is a complete overview of the philosophy, history and practices of Anusara yoga.  It is a 100 hour program which is split into 3 sections.  These sections may be taken one at a time or consecutively.

In Immersion 1 we will cover the first syllabus of poses, the 5 principles of alignment, give an overview of Tantric philosophy, and ask ourselves the ultimate questions: Who am I really and what do I truly want?  How do I want to live?  What do I love?

In Immersion II two we will deepen these contemplations as we also deepen our physical practice and begin to explore the poses of syllabus II (all students will be encouraged to honor and respect their bodies and all limitations will be considered and supported).  We will also explore Patanjali’s yoga sutras and how tantric yoga compares to classical yoga.

In Immersion III we will dive into the Bhagavad Gita, and experience a whole new relationship to our body after the dedication of Immersion I and II.  This section is full of play and exploration.

Part 2: Practicum (100 hrs)

In this course we will uncover the method of teaching Anusara Yoga including but not limited to taking the seat of the teacher, creating class themes, applying Tantric philosophy to lifestyle and theming, creating a sequence, pacing and public speaking, anatomy and therapeutics and applying verbal and physical adjustments.  This course will include many hours of actual practice and observation and prepare the student to fully take the seat of the teacher upon completion of the course.

If you have participated in a 200 hour teacher training in another style of yoga, this training is also a wonderful companion to hone many skills of teaching.  Students will spend a great deal of time practicing teaching and receiving mentoring.


Lakshmi Living Arts is nestled in the lush hills of the finger lakes region in the village of Trumansburg, NY.   We are just up the road from the village center which has a coffee shop, several restaurants, gift shops, and a used book store.  We are 10 miles North of Ithaca.


If you are coming from out of town, there are several bed and breakfasts in the village of Trumansburg and we can also provide a list of local residents who have rooms for rent in their homes. Ithaca is also only a 15 minute drive from Trumansburg, and there are many hotels to choose from.  We are also only several miles from the national forest where there is ample camping.

Next Dates to be announced, soon. Please inform us of your interest!